According to a Mayan folk tale, the world was created by the original Gods, who by using only mud and corn brought to life all the things in the material world. Its inhabitants, animals, plants and every form of life. Yet, when they finished, the Gods noticed that they missed to create a creature that would share hopes and wishes between humans. 

For this reason, out of a green jade stone, the Gods created an arrow that took the shape of a small, colorful bird that they named ‘x ts’unu’um’. Today we know this little bird as hummingbird or zun zun. And, since then this creature has been the guardian and messenger of good wishes, hopes, and dreams among humans. 


Zun Zun Lab is a Mexican design and art collective inspired by the legend of the hummingbird. Encouraged by the complex Mexican art and design scene, Zun Zun aims to share the message and point of view of both craftsmen and upcoming designers on an ever-changing world.

 We believe in the potential of sharing good stories and practices, thus, we open our platform to a global community with the hopes of showcasing projects that embody the broad diversity of contemporary Mexico, grounded in its rich craftsmen tradition and multicultural society. Additionally, we also believe in art and design as motors for changing and developing societies, therefore, we are also a commercialization platform for innovative, fair trade and local projects.  

Bottom line, we are in love with Mexican cultural diversity and we want to share it by showcasing creative projects with international outreach and relevant local impact.




We believe that our products must be able to compete on international markets with the highest quality standards. For us, the product transcends its use. It has to be understood as an integrated endeavor, in which the concept of the piece, the social impact of its production and, the esthetics of the final result convey a message of both quality design and community development.


We believe in creating fair conditions in which all the participants can develop both by their own terms (culturally, economically and environmentally) and contribute in a positive way to their society through diverse artistic and creative expressions.


We believe that diversity brings us the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. Thus, through art and design we can bring different worlds and ideas into everyday objects and enrich contemporary societies by the power of giving a space to different voices.




We want to show the diverse perspective of Mexican projects and culture. We thrive to break cultural stereotypes and show Mexican culture from an innovative and culturally diverse point of view, giving value to fair trade projects.


We want to build a network of small/medium design studios and/or organizations that through artistic and creative projects give a voice to the different Mexican perspectives. Furthermore, we want to help create the conditions in which cultural diversity is seen as an asset and that local artisans and designers can develop within their own cultural groups and at the same time be part of contemporary societies.



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Finally, browse through this website and explore what interesting projects are taking place in Mexico’s design studios, learn more about their ideology and how they are contributing to having a positive impact in Mexican local communities.